Some of you out there already think I'm crazy for opting to see The Dark Knight on a regular screen rather than an IMAX screen. While there are a few reasons for my decision, the big kicker was word that the Watchmen trailer would be attached to the regular deal. However, I did have my fingers and toes crossed that it wouldn't be a too-brief teaser that didn't show much, like that Star Trek trailer, or any of the other ones that get you excited but leave you anxious.

Well, if CHUD's Devin Faraci is to be believed, it'll be a damn worthy trailer, but still likely to leave us anxious. He got to check out what's attached to the film and said: "I think you're going to be blown away." I refuse to read the whole thing because I still want to be surprised, but Devin says that the sucker is over two minutes long, and it's definitely a trailer rather than a teaser. It's vague enough to confuse and intrigue regular audiences, and also make fanboys and fangirls everywhere wet their pants. It's got the big blue Dr. Manhattan, Rorschach, action, and it's all done to a '90s soundtrack. Check out Devin's rundown if you want to learn more, and be sure to share your thoughts once it hits the screen on Friday.