Over two years ago, Martha mentioned a new musical on the way called Bob: The Musical. At the time, it was described as a film about "a mild-mannered man who suddenly hears the 'inner song' of people's hearts after being struck in the head." The description was vague enough that the project could easily slide into good or bad territory. However, the fact that John August, Marc Shaiman and Mark Waters were writing the feature helped matters.

And now Parenthood scribes Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel are getting their hand at the script according to The Hollywood Reporter. (It has also been worked on by Mike Bender, who penned the original pitch, Jon Lucas, and Scott Moore.) But the real improvement is the story, or at least, how they're describing it. The film will focus on a thirty-something guy named Bob "who hates musicals and wakes up to find his entire life has become one."

That's got to really suck. I wonder if it's the sort of musical where everyone suddenly becomes awesome singers, or if it will have a Joss Whedon twist and be mixed with good and bad singers? Whatever the case, I'm sold.
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