Okay, maybe the 1988 horror flick Night of the Demons isn't exactly a classic. Especially if you consider that it didn't even make it to Matt's list of Cool Horror Films of the '80s. But when has fan indifference ever stopped Hollywood from doing a remake? Shock Till You Drop is now reporting that casting has been finalized for the update of Kevin Tenney's horror-comedy hybrid. According to Shock, Diora Baird (Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning), Shannon Elizabeth and Monica Keena (Freddy vs. Jason) have all signed on the dotted line for the remake, with Mother of Tears scribe Adam Gierasch at the helm.

If you aren't familiar with Night of the Demons, here is a quick primer: Ten teens in the tradition of "stupid teenagers in danger" films everywhere decide to have their Halloween party at an abandoned funeral home called Hull House (get it? It's like Hell...spooky). After performing a séance, a demon is awakened that possesses the party hostess, and then it's only a matter of time until they are offed in a variety of gruesome ways. Shock's sources claim that Elizabeth will take over the role of the possessed party hostess, Angela, and I can only guess that the other two will be adding to the body count. Demons was originally scheduled to begin shooting last spring, but the production will now begin mid-September in New Orleans

Well, it has been a long time since I first saw the original film, so maybe I'm overestimating the quality. But I can't help think it would be for the best to keep this flick a fond memory rather than a crappy update, how about you?
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