With the recent closures of prominent independent film distributors like Picturehouse and Warner Independent -- and more shutdowns looming -- arthouse aficionados will need to explore alternative means to discover exciting new documentaries.

Our suggestion: the Interwebs, of course.

Moviefone is thrilled to partner with SnagFilms.com, a new site created to provide an outlet for quality documentaries, both new and from studio vaults, to reach wide audiences. With today's launch, Snag Films offers a library of more than 225 docs for users to instantly stream, virally share or snag onto your own site. And the best part? They're free.

SnagFilms, which also just acquired the popular site Indiewire.com, has a library includes recent favorites like Morgan Spurlock's fast food binge 'Super Size Me,' the Brian Jonestown Massacre/Dandy Warhols doc 'DIG,' and inside-classic Hollywood story 'Girl 27.'

Beginning July 21, we'll be featuring a "Film of the Week" every Monday on Moviefone and Inside Movies. In the meantime, check out all Snag Films has to offer at www.snagfilms.com.

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