This is turning into one long tease. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane debuted to generally good reaction at the Toronto film festival nearly two years ago. (James Rocchi called it "the best modern slasher flick since Scream.") Senator Entertainment picked up distribution rights after The Weinstein Co. / Dimension unexpectedly dumped it shortly before its scheduled release one year ago. Since then, we've been waiting ... and waiting ... and waiting.

In the meantime, director Jonathan Levine moved on to his next film, the well-received The Wackness, and Senator Entertainment surprised us by releasing ... a new poster. (OK, we take what we can get.) At some point they also made a new trailer, which you can view at the trailer website for Fantasia, Montreal's amazingly awesome genre festival. They have a good write-up on the film, too, and you'll see James' review quoted on the page. (Sorry, you've already missed the two screenings there.)

The Senator trailer doesn't look markedly different from The Weinstein Co. trailer, but, to its credit, it spells out even less than the previous one. The most irritating thing is probably where it promises to be out "This Spring." The poster promises "This Summer." Is that "This Year"? We do know that UK film lovers can buy it on DVD in just a few days; I'm not holding my breath much longer for this one.

[Thanks to Bloody Disgusting.]