Well, what do you know? It turns out that not only is Jeff Bridges the man responsible for the patron saint of stoners everywhere, but apparently the guy can sing too. Variety reports that Maggie Gyllenhaal and Robert Duvall have signed to star alongside Bridges in the country music drama Crazy Heart.

The indie drama is based on Thomas Cobb's debut novel of the same name, and centers on an alcoholic country star with the unfortunate name of Bad Blake. Scott Cooper (who will also direct) has adapted the story of an alcoholic country music singer (Bridges) who is in the midst of a professional and personal meltdown. When a journalist (played by Gyllenhaal) blows through town to interview the fading star, the two begin a relationship that helps Blake get his life back on track.

Plus it turns out that all three stars have some previous musical experience. Duvall starred in Tender Mercies back in 1983 (which also centered on an alcoholic country singer -- and won Duvall an Oscar for Best Actor), Gyllenhaal did a little singing in the flick Happy Endings, and Bridges has already released an entire album -- and here I was thinking the guy was only a great actor and pretty decent photographer. I would assume that as Blake, Bridges may be doing the bulk of the singing (with original music provided by T Bone Burnett), but it's good to know he has some back-up if he needs it.

Crazy Heart is scheduled to start filming on location next month in New Mexico.
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