The legendary Wendigo is getting another chance at the spotlight. According to The Hollywood Reporter, actor/producer Michael Emanuel is making his directorial debut with Maneater. The movie begins shooting on July 30th in L.A., although the leads have yet to be cast.

Maneater centers around the famous Algonquian myth of the Wendigo, an evil, cannibalistic spirit. Humans can either transform into it by engaging in cannibalism, or be possessed by it via a dream. If one of those unpleasant fates befalls you, you'll go crazy eating your fellow humans, your hunger never to be satisfied. So try not to dream up a wendigo spirit and for heaven's sake, don't eat the flesh of your fellow humans.

The cannibalistic aspect makes it the perfect fodder for a horror movie, and it's been used numerous times, most recently (and probably most notably) in 2001's Wendigo. Now Emanuel is taking on the legend, inspired by a story told to him in the 1970's. His version will follow a former FBI profiler who is now working humbly as a small town sheriff. He begins investigating a series of mysterious (and probably gruesome) murders, only to discover that the monster he's hunting may be someone he knows very well.

It sounds like the best X-Files episode never written, doesn't it? Or at least a really good issue of Wolverine. I think Emanuel needs to delay production, and offer it to Chris Carter or Marvel Studios. Both are in need of a good cannibal spirit story, don't you think?
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