"You're lucky I forgot my water wings biotch!"

In honor of San Diego Comic Con (which starts next week -- OMG!), Entertainment Weekly has thrown together a pretty neat spread on a bunch of the films, TV shows and even comics. Yes, comics. I know, crazy for a comic convention, but what can you do. Although it's not technically part of their Con preview, up above you can see the first image of Jason from the upcoming Friday the 13thremake. The folks behind that flick will host a panel and debut the first trailer at Con.

Below, we've pulled out five of the 26 photos (not including their other First Look photo batch) for you to preview before heading over to EW's site. They also have up a pretty sweet Watchmen piece, which gives another nice look at The Comedian. Featured below: Images from The Spirit,Terminator Salvation, Land of the Lost, Ninja Assassin and Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell.

Which film are you most excited about?