I'm sorry, but this one just cracked me up. The folks over at BustedTees have gone and created an "Enough LaBeouf" t-shirt, which shows a photo of Shia LaBeouf's head in a circle with a cross through it. Are people really that sick and tired of this guy? Because I hate to break it to ya: He ain't going anywhere anytime soon. Or maybe we've just seen too much of him lately. Personally, I find him to be a genuine, charismatic dude who loves what he does and puts a lot of energy into whatever role he's given. That said, I'd love to see a little more range from him. Give him the part as a psycho stalker boyfriend ... or something with a little more juice, ya know?

Anyway, the t-shirt comes in a whole slew of different sizes for both men and women. It costs $18.99. How many of these do you think we'll see at Comic Con?

[via Slashfilm]
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