It looks like there will be some Star Trek in San Diego after all. Entertainment Weeklyfeatured these four posters in their Comic Con preview, and at last, fans get a glimpse of the young characters populating this reboot. Zoe Saldana does make a lovely Uhura, Chris Pine is a I-guess-that's-Captain Kirk, but Zachary Quinto takes the lookalike cake as Spock. Very eerie! As for Eric Bana's Nero, well, I find myself disturbingly attracted to his tattoos.

These posters will be handed out next week at Comic Con, probably at the Paramount booth. Each character gets their own one-sheet, and when combined, form the logo. Expect hysteria from the hapless studio interns handing out the swag, people snagging ten Kirks and no Uhuras, Nero to be littering the gutters between here and the Gaslamp District, and Spock to be commanding ridiculous prices on Ebay. The swag grabs are never pretty.

[via Empire]