American writer/director Blake Edwards will always have a special place in my heart for two reasons: 1) He was responsible for making one of my favorite movies of all time, Victor/Victoria, and 2) He showed me a side of Julie Andrews that was about as far from Mary Poppins as you could get (not to mention the man had one of the more memorable Oscar moments in recent history). But personal milestones aside, Edwards is one of the best comedic directors around, and his 1979 flick 10 set the standard for every 'mid-life crisis comedy' to come after it. We all should have known that a remake was inevitable, and Variety has now announced that Hyde Park has secured the rights to remake the classic film.

10 centers on a man named George Webber (played by Dudley Moore), who encounters a young woman on the street, and at the expense of his own relationships, becomes obsessed with this beautiful stranger, even going so far as to follow her on her honeymoon.

The film is probably best known for introducing Bo Derek to the world, but it was also a box office smash that made instant stars out of Derek and Moore. Edwards will serve as an executive producer on the remake, and according to Hyde's execs, it was a battle to get the legendary writer and director to agree to sell the rights. If the movie must be made, then maybe this is a job for Judd Apatow; because if anyone can make a raunchy comedy about a hot girl and an everyday guy, it's him.

Sound off below on who you would like to see rocking those infamous cornrows...
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