Some police departments have a unit called the Special Investigations Section, where officers focus on catching dangerous, violent criminals in the act. The Los Angeles Police Department, fairly infamous for a lot of things anyway, has a SIS unit that's frequently been the subject of scrutiny for the way its officers operate under, ahem, somewhat looser rules than regular cops. And now somebody's making a movie about it!

A movie about cops who are loose cannons and don't play by the rules but they get the job done? What a fresh concept! I hope one of them gets shot when he only has two weeks left till retirement. I'm not quite sold on the title, either: At the moment, it's called SIS, though I bet Warner Bros. changes it before the film hits theaters. (Seriously, SIS? What do they call the cops in that unit? SISsies?)

From The Hollywood Reporter comes news that Warners is moving ahead with the project, with casting currently underway and Chris Gorak set to write and direct it. Gorak is a former art director (Fight Club and Minority Report represent some of his best work) who wrote and directed 2006's Right at Your Door (pictured), a fine psychological thriller about a dirty bomb that goes off in L.A. and separates a contaminated woman from her clean husband. The eight or nine people who saw Right at Your Door (rent it!) are pretty interested in seeing what Gorak does next, so I'll be keeping my eye on SIS.
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