Batman rushing to the box officeHoly cow, Batman! We knew it would be big, but The Dark Knight blew away all expectations, posting the biggest box office opening ever over the weekend. The film gobbled up more than $155 million, overtaking Spider-Man 3 for the crown, according to The Associated Press. The total is estimated to be $155.34 million, besting the previous high water mark of $151.1 million established by last year's web-spinning superhero yarn.

The Dark Knight also broke Spider-Man 3's IMAX record. The caped crusader already set a record for its opening day haul. One inflationary note was sounded by box office tracker Media By Numbers, which pointed out that ticket prices have risen from last year's average of $6.88 to $7.08 this summer, so Spider-Man 3 may still have actually sold more tickets.

My personal anecdote to add is that when I ventured out to a multiplex to see another movie on Saturday morning, the first showing for The Dark Knight was already sold out by the time the box office opened at 9:30 a.m. When was the last time that happened? Feel free to share box office horror stories below. To talk about the movie itself, be sure to participate in the poll Erik set up last night.