Having gotten the chance to visit the Watchmen set, I thought nothing could be cooler. But even though I saw a little of what was coming, nothing compared to the trailer that came with The Dark Knight, and the long-awaited appearance of Dr. Manhattan. But there wasn't a nibblet of Carla Gugino as Sally Jupiter.

But now I give you two doses. Above there is a pin-up that was sent to AICN by artist James Jean, who created the pin-up pic for the movie (see it full-length over there). Of course, this was back during her heydey, before her daughter took over and found herself some different superhero action. After the jump, you can check out a pic that Warners sent us late last week (along with other images). It's the interlude between Jupiter and The Comedian (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

You know, I remember going to see Spider-Man when it came out in theaters a handful of years ago, and being all excited, but that was like finding a dollar on the side of the road compared to the bag-full-o-cash fangirl excitement I have for this film.
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