I'm sorry for being so cryptic with the title, but I would like to save those who haven't seen The Dark Knight yet from a few of the film's big reveals. That said, if you haven't watched the movie yet, I'd suggest not reading this post. Unless you don't care either way, here we go ... spoilers ahead ...

On the phone with Cinematical's Scott Weinberg last night discussing which jewelry we're bringing to Comic Con (I have the perfect, purtiest necklace for the Terminator: Salvation panel!), we got to talking about The Dark Knight. More specifically, we pondered Scarecrow's purpose in this film. Why was he there? Why bring Cillian Murphy on set for one scene with very little to do and then not come back to him for the remainder of the flick?

Now, the purpose of the scene itself was pretty clear: To re-establish Batman's war on crime and to show how the hero's popularity has spawned a number of copycat Batmans. So they bring these two drug gangs together for a secret meeting/transaction, and one of them is run by Scarecrow. And just as business is about to go down, a bunch of Batmans arrive on the scene -- all hell breaks loose -- and the real Batman eventually gets the job done.

Great. Wonderful. So why was Scarecrow there again?
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