We have the Stifler, but I never thought we'd get the Wiffler.

Variety reports that we're about to get a new mockumentary about the epic, skill-testing sport. It's not coming to us from the mocku-God Christopher Guest, but rather Garden Party co-star Ross Patterson. He wrote The Wiffler: The Ted Whitfield Story, which Tommy Reid is currently directing in California. This will be his second feature after 7-10 Split, which starred Patterson and also featured the likes of Tara Reid, Ray Wise, Vinnie Jones, Robyn Lively, Rachel Hunter, and a ton of other left-of-A-List celebs.

Set during the Major League Baseball strike in 1994, the film will focus on "a nation turning its eyes to wiffleball and attempts to break the homerun record." It's strange enough that it could work, although it will definitely depend on the cast, which also features Joey Kern, Alana Ubach, Christine Lakin, Nick Thune, Richard Gant, Richard Riele, and Chris Tarantino.

Hey, we got ping pong and dodgeball, why not wiffleball? But what's next? Kickball?
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