What do you do when you don't have the Ebert and you don't have the Roeper of At the Movies With Ebert and Roeper?

CNN reports that Richard Roeper, the Gene Siskel replacement who has been co-hosting the show since 2000, has declined an offer to renew his contract. After 8 seasons, he's heading on and his last stint on the show will air August 16-17. Roeper says that Disney offered to extend his contract, and he "opted to wait. Much transpired after that behind the scenes, but an agreement was never reached, and we are all moving on." For Richard, that means going to new reviewing pastures. He says that he will be co-hosting another reviewing show, and "will be free to share the details on that program in the near future."

With both of the hosts gone, what happens now? A show with recognizable celebs and guest hosts? Nothing? According to a statement from Roger Ebert, the era is over: "After 33 years on the air, 23 of them with Disney, the studio has decided to take the program named Siskel & Ebert and then Ebert & Roeper in a new direction. I will no longer be associated with it."

It's not entirely shocking news, but it does feel sad. That being said, Roeper isn't the only one with some future plans. Check out the statement after the jump and see for yourself.