There has been talk of a sequel to Boondock Saints since 2002. But if Troy Duffy is to be believed, it's going to actually start filming this August. This past St. Patrick's Day Duffy claimed, via his YouTube account, that Boondock Saints: All Saints Day had been given a green light by Sony. The video was removed within hours, and the news was never confirmed elsewhere.

But Duffy isn't daunted. He gave a long interview to Washington D.C.'s WJFK insisting that, barring a SAG strike, filming would indeed begin in August. He actually gave away the entire plot, so no one actually needs to go see it should it actually be made. The film will find the brothers in retirement in Ireland, living off the land, until a priest is murdered in Boston. They're framed for the murder, and they quickly fly off to America to seek retribution. Lest you think it's all wishful thinking on the part of Duffy, Geeks of Doom got their hands on the first production diary.

I'm still very skeptical this will actually be made -- and if it is, that it will be anything other than a direct to DVD thing. Between litigation and a bad reputation, I have a hard time believing any studio is really willing to back Duffy at this point. And while it's a fun movie, hasn't the time for a sequel come and gone? Even the Hot Topic t-shirt revival is over. What about the plot? After all the events in the first film, would the MacManus brothers really up and retire to Ireland to live off the land? Feel free to answer all or none of these questions, my readers.

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