Earlier this month, we learned that Diablo Cody was taking over LA's New Beverly Cinema to screen some of her favorite films, and she put together some awesome double features. The most recent was a screening of Midnight Madness andWet Hot American Summer, and as CHUD reports, director David Wain was there for a Q&A with Ms. Cody, and he revealed some little nuggets of news.

First, there's going to be an anniversary DVD release at some point, which would probably means the 10th anniversary in 2011, since new releases usually don't come out on eight or nine-year anniversaries. It would contain more footage, as anniversary editions often do, but Wain also said that it might come with a soundtrack. If you remember the music from the flick, this CD could include Rick Springfield, Kenny Loggins, Loverboy, Jefferson Starship, KISS ... Basically, it would be awesome.

Then he shared some others news -- he might do a prequel to the film. This sounds half serious and half completely ludicrous, but he said that he was scheming up a prequel that would star the same cast -- playing younger versions of themselves. CHUD says: "I didn't know if Wain was kidding, but he seemed pretty serious, and mentioned that he had just worked with a bunch of Wet Hot alums -- including Paul Rudd and Elizabeth Banks -- on his new movie, tentatively titled Role Models."

What say you? Are you ready to get Wet Hot again?
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