Update #2:People.com says that Bale has been released this afternoon, and will return to the station in September.

Update: Christian Bale was arrested earlier today on allegations of assault. No, Batman. Bad Batman. Not when you do $158 million on opening weekend, Batman!

We try not to dwell on the tabloid fodder here at Cinematical, but considering the nature of the story and, more importantly, who's involved, this is a tough news nugget to let slip by.

According to the Associated Press, Christian Bale has been accused of assault by his own mother and sister just before the European premiere of the record-breaking The Dark Knight. Bale allegedly assaulted them at a London hotel on Sunday, and while the allegations were formally made on Monday, Bale was not taken in for questioning until Tuesday -- which leads some to theorize that the premiere was to proceed without interruption.

Naturally, Bale's various representatives are refusing to return calls at the moment, and while I have little doubt that Bale won't be charged, I also can't help but think that two members of his family would even suggest as much were there not an incident of some sort. What do you guys think?

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