It's a widely posted Cinematical fact that my family and friends spend way too many hours making movie costumes. A trip into our basement is like a trip into a studio warehouse -- everything from Lord of the Rings to 300 is represented. Most of our recent efforts have been concentrated around Pirates of the Caribbean, as the costumes work for the Renaissance Faire (yeah, tricorns aren't of the Tudor period, but little at our faire is!) and Halloween. It was a tough choice between my homemade replica of Elizabeth Swann's tricorn from Dead Man's Chest, and this, but I decided to honor my sister's effort.

If you remember the ending of At World's End, Jack Sparrow runs this flag up the mast of his pathetic dinghy. Sarah made a pitch perfect replica, right down to the distressing. It's in possession of her boyfriend, Jack Sparrow impersonator Michael Sheridan, who is currently employed by the Ren Faire. He carries it in the parade, and it now looks more authentic than ever, as it's filthy and pocked with holes. It's the envy of all the wannabe Sparrows who show up looking to knock him from his throne. I was given charge of it during Sheridan's lunch break, and one of the wannabes tried to tear it from my hands. Luckily, I was dressed as a pirate too, and well armed. He haunts the Locker now.
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