If you follow any sort of celeb gossip or couply shenanigans, you might have heard that Natalie Portman is dating Venezuelan folk rocker Devendra Banhart. Trying to assist her hunny, she recently helped him whip up a wacky Bollywood style music video called "Carmensita." You can check out the video over on Spinner, and down below we've included a few screenshots of Portman dressed to the nines.

It's a pretty funky song, full of goofiness, vibrant colors, dancing, and very, very strange subtitles. Portman plays a princess who must be saved by a prince (Banhart) who can shoot snakes out of his eyes. But she also has her own slimy, slithering tricks up her sleeve. The moral of this Bollywood story, however, is the best. You never want to forget the alphabet of desire.

Now we just need to get her into more goofy roles. I'm liking the light-hearted Natalie.

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