When Ian Holm chased ambulances, so to speak, as Mitchell Stevens in The Sweet Hereafter, there was a certain amount of class to it. Yes, he was looking for lawsuits, but Holm managed to bring some heart to the role. But what would Sacha Baron Cohen do? I think it's safe to say that he'll have an entirely different technique as a personal injury lawyer; and hopefully one that doesn't put him in a one-piece thong again.

Variety reports that Fox Atomic has picked up a pitch written by Peter Baynham (Cohen's Borat co-writer) called Accidentes, which Baron Cohen will produce and possibly star in. It will focus on "a lawyer of Latin descent who transforms from contingency attorney to hero of the working class when he helps an immigrant win a judgment against his wealthy employer after a landscaping mishap. He also becomes the enemy of L.A.'s power elite."

I'd be surprised if Sacha didn't take on this role, but I imagine it will all come down to timing as he's also got some Sherlock Holmes action on the way and a Dinner for Shmucks. But if he can't do it, who could? Freddie Rodriguez?
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