WatchmenWho's watching the 'Watchmen' panel and more? These guys!

Here at Moviefone, we dig films -- but we LOVE movies.

We're talking big movies, loud movies, movies with superheroes and weird costumes and creepy-crawly things, movies that do not go gentle into that good night. (Yes, I just compared action movies to a Dylan Thomas poem. Deal with it.)

And if you're into movies, then Comic-Con in San Diego is the place to be ... so that's where we are, braving the massive crush/stench of humanity so you don't have to.

Every morning we'll give you a preview of the day's upcoming panels -- such as the much-anticipated 'Watchmen' panel, sure to draw every fanboy who's ever cracked a comic book (I even started reading the book, because I am a ginormous geek) -- and every night we'll give you a rundown of what the day's biggest buzz was.

Looking for more? Be sure to check in with our brethren at Cinematical for their super-intense, minute-by-minute Comic-Con coverage. They'll be pumping out posts faster than our own poor little fingers can type.

Ready to let your geek flag fly? Bring. It. ON.

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