Virgin Comics is still relatively new to the game, and while the big daddies of the comic book world have been enjoying their time on the big screen; Virgin has been steadily making deals for a little box-office success of their own (especially considering that was what the company was designed to do in the first place). Variety now reports that Virgin has sold the film rights to their latest comic, The Leaves, to Summit Entertainment.

The Leaves was inspired by tales of Naadi fortune-tellers and one man's extraordinary experience. The story centers on Max Mellick, a world-renowned heart surgeon with a beautiful girlfriend and luxurious New York lifestyle. While attending a friend's funeral in India, a fortune-teller tells Max that he will be responsible for bringing about the end of the world. But, Dr. Max isn't the apocalyptic-type, so he goes on the run in the hopes of finding a way to escape his destiny.

Leaves was only released a few days ago, but that hasn't stopped Summit from snapping up the title for a feature film remake. Leaves was written by Kevin J. Walsh and he will also adapt the story into an action thriller for the big screen. Virgin's Creative Director, Gotham Chopra (son to Deepak) will produce the film alongside CEO Sharad Devarajan. I just hope Summit can get Virgin moving a little faster on this project than they have with The Megas.

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