Here's a round-up of today's news:
  • Jamie Kennedy is going to produce an indie called In Northwood, which stars Nick Stahl as a man condemned to a mental hospital after committing murder. THR
  • Cocaine Cowboys has picked itself up a scribe -- gonzo journalist and screenwriter Evan Wright. THR
  • Everyone's favorite pot-smoking Jay, aka Jason Mewes, has nabbed a starring role in the indie slasher flick Silent But Deadly, which shoots in Ontario next month. Variety
  • Phillip Noyce, meanwhile, is going to hit the plank and write the remake of Captain Blood. THR
  • Check out Jennifer's blood-dripping lips, which just so happens to look like a certain television poster that was released recently. JoBlo
  • Get ready for Robot Chicken: Star Wars: Episode 2! Coming Soon
  • Posters: The Day The Earth Stood Still and Max Payne
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