WatchmenBig comic-book adaptations are the kings of Friday.

Going into this year's Comic-Con, the biggest panel looked to be the one for the 'Watchmen,'Zack Snyder's adaptation of Alan Moore's venerated graphic novel. After yesterday's 'Twilight' panel (man, my ears are still ringing), I'm not so sure all those screaming teens could be beat .

Still, the 'Watchmen' panel promises to be a huge, packed-to-the-gills event. All the cast will be in attendance, including Patrick Wilson (Nite Owl), Jackie Earle Haley (Rorschach), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Comedian) and Billy Crudup (Dr. Manhattan), plus Snyder, who's sort of the director du jour after his success with '300.'

Fans of the novel are either psyched that Snyder's finally making this movie, or filled with dread, so there'll be lots to look for at today's panel. I doubt any of the actors will come in costume (hey, dare to dream), but reaction to any new footage should be through the roof.

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