Terminator SalvationChristian Bale graduates to saving the world; Pixar makes 78-year-old men hot.

Many of Saturday's big panels are devoted to TV ('Heroes,''Lost,''Dollhouse'), but there's still plenty of high-profile movie scheduling to go around.

* 'Terminator Salvation': Christian Bale may be making headlines this summer as Batman, but next summer he'll be hitting the big screen in another iconic role: resistance leader John Connor in the fourth Terminator movie. The movie is actually the first in a planned trilogy to be directed by McG ('Charlie's Angels'), which means yes, if you do the hard math, that'll be seven Terminator movies in all. Ahnuld would be proud.

Unfortunately it doesn't look as though Bale will be making an appearance here in San Diego -- he's a little busy right now -- but surprises abound here at Comic-Con, so you never know. (Oh, how I wish one of the gazillion Jokers here could ask him a question.) At any rate, McG and the rest of the cast, including Sam Worthington, who plays an early version of the Terminator, should make for a rousing panel.

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