Watchmenwas, hands down, the best panel I've seen at con this year. (It also had the best swag -- a "Who Watches the Watchmen?" t-shirt!) I don't think I have been as stunned by preview film footage since Zack Snyder brought 300 two years ago. I don't think even Snyder's detractors can deny that he can turn out some cool footage. And let's just cut to my paltry description of it, as I know all many of you out there would have killed to be in my place. If you haven't read the book, here be spoilers.

The Watchmen scenes were literally goosebump inducing, and so much more than an extended trailer. It was set to a really eerie choir piece (any attendees know the name of that?) and began with a close-up of a certain smiley-face button dripping with blood. We saw a more gruesome version of Vietnam, with Dr. Manhattan's incineration being just a little more vicious somehow, and an extended version of his being stripped away, intercut with Osterman assembling clock pieces, and knocking down milk bottles at a state fair. Rorschach was the center of an especially chilling scene of his examination of the Comedian's apartment, and we saw his mask in action. It looks fantastic and very organic, not CGI at all.