Above: Our favorite Rotten Tomato Jen Yamato shows us why it's totally hot to be a little on the plump side.

Yes, as we do every year, it is now time to stare at a group of people who are much hotter than us even when they're dressed up as complete lunatics. I was telling Mr. Weinberg this afternoon how Comic Con is the strangest entity in that on one half of the street you have a massive amount of hardcore geeks dressed in the most peculiar costumes resembling their favorite comic book/movie/cartoon/whatever heroes. Then, on the other side of the street, you have these swanky Hollywood parties where you need to have an agent or manager and your own TV show to even be considered for the guest list. It's an odd scene, I'll say, but that doesn't mean we've had a bad time. Quite the contrary, actually, as we've met and reunited with some of our favorite people in the world over the weekend.

What does this have to do with Con hotties, Erik? And will you please shut up for five seconds so we can see your damn photos and move on with our boring lives?

Everything! And of course! Enjoy!

Below: Cinematical's Elisabeth Rappe gets down with her bad Tomb Raider self ...