I'm sorry Frank Miller. I dig you, I do. But I'm officially off The Spirit bandwagon now. We saw the trailer, we saw three scenes, we heard the same pitches that have been all over the Internet, and I am just not feeling it anymore.

Let's go into a description of the footage first. We saw three scenes throughout the course of the panel. One of Eva Mendes swimming, having just pulled off some jewel heist. Technically, it was lovely, as it looked like she was underwater when she wasn't (one of the first uses of a "phantom camera" in film, apparently) -- but the scene made little sense. The Octopus was shooting, there were close-ups of his mouth, her accomplice is shot, and it ends with her "Shut up and bleed" line from the trailer. The second was a "love scene" between Ellen Dolan and the Spirit. Again, we get a glimpse of this in the trailer, when he slams her against the blinds. Their consummation is thwarted by the Commissioner, accompanied by a painfully overacted Morgenstern, who the Spirit promptly seduces. The last scene was a one on one fight between the Octopus and the Spirit. They wrestle in the mud, they hit each other with giant wrenches, they punch each other hundreds of times, and Octopus hits the Spirit with a toliet, exclaiming "Toliets are always funny!" It was like 300 (smoky red lighting, weird filming speed) by way of Looney Toons.