Why is Cinematical not posting as much as it usually does? What's going on with the site? Did everyone go on vacation at the same time? Will things return to normal anytime soon? Can you tell us anything?

"We're still operating, we're undergoing an editorial readjustment, things will be back to normal on August 1st."

Here's a round up of news for today:

  • The Wolverine Comic Con trailer has leaked online, and you can watch it in two parts -- one here, one here. I missed this footage when it premiered, and have to say that I love what I see. Hopefully Fox will put it online soon.
  • Speaking of trailers, Oliver Stone's W now has a teaser thingy online over at Moviefone. And, honestly, it doesn't look too bad. Definitely teases; definitely has me interested. You?
  • Shia LaBeouf took one step closer to becoming a "normal" celebrity after he crashed his car and was arrested for suspicion of DUI early Sunday morning.
  • Wes Craven admits to talking to Bob Weinstein about doing another Scream movie. Fans everywhere scream, "F*ck no, dude! Leave it alone!"
  • A collection of 20 Heath Ledger as the Joker t-shirts and where you can buy them.
  • Following a $75 million take this past weekend, The Dark Knight has now grossed $355 million worldwide. Also of note: Step Brothers took home $30 million and The X-Files: I Want to Believe managed $10.2 million.
  • Ridley Scott's revisionist Robin Hood tale, Nottingham, has been delayed indefinitely. The Hollywood Reportercites "script concerns, location logistics and the current labor unrest all played a role in the decision." Production was supposed to begin next month, and will now most likely be pushed back to next year.
  • Vampires are hot these days, and Family Guy writer David A. Goodman has just been brought on to adapt Blatant Comics' Last Blood, about "the human survivors of a zombie massacre who find themselves protected by a band of vampires who need their blood to survive." Nice.
More coming later ...