Above: Cinematical's Comic Con team: Scott Weinberg, Elisabeth Rappe and Erik Davis

As we sat at a rather tame (but fun!) Masters of Web party, Erik Davis kept showing me the comments that were being left on his hotties of con post -- a category that I honestly don't feel I belong in! But I appreciate the compliments of my bosses and our readers, so thanks! Amidst the post-con stupor that is hanging over San Diego today, I thought I'd give you a little insight as to what it's like to hit the floor in costume. If you've been to con, you've probably taken a photo with someone like me, or at least wondered how or why we do it.

Frankly, I can't even explain the why. I like making costumes, I like wearing them, and I like having my obsessive attention to detail appreciated by others. But I still experience a level of total embarrassment upon walking out of my hotel room. Hell, I even experience it as I strap on my guns. I can't believe I'm doing this. Last year, it clung throughout the two days I spent in costume because the responses to Croft and Queen Gorgo were so tepid -- but this year it vanished as soon as I walked in and was mobbed. (Ok, it didn't entirely vanish -- meeting the lovely Lena Headey while dressed this way was pretty cringe-worthy. I wouldn't exactly want to meet Hugh Jackman or Gerard Butler while sporting those implants, either.)