My biggest disappointment of the Comic-Con weekend was not being able to stick around for the Friday the 13th panel. (Turns out Davis could have stayed for it, seeing as his flight back to NYC was delayed by about six hours, but that's a different type of horror story.) Since we know it's one of the hotter flicks being buzzed about at the convention's final day -- and, um, it's a movie I just like writing about -- we turn to ShockTillYouDrop for their blow-by-blow breakdown of the event.

My favorite nuggets include:

  • The idea that, while the actors and producers are obviously up for a sequel if the fans agree, they intend to make their Friday remake a "stand-alone" entry. Which is always cool when you're doing a Part 1, if you ask me.
  • No goofy cameos from previous cast members.
  • Jason will be a bit cleverer this time around, perhaps setting a few traps instead of just lumbering around and practically teleporting from cabin to cabin.
  • It will be PG-13 in theaters and then Unrated on DVD. (Dude, I'm kidding.)

For the full run-down (and a peek at the first poster), check out Shock's coverage right here.
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