By: Kim Voynar (original publish date: February 19, 2008)

(With the Cine-staff off on a late-July mini-vacation, we thought it'd be fun to bring you some of our favorite pieces from years past. Enjoy!)

There's an interesting article over at This is London about a man who's protesting high prices at theater concession stands by handing out free snacks and a flier comparing cinema prices for snacks to store prices. Adam Glennon, a postman, was told he had to leave the theater for bringing his own snacks in.

Glennon says his snack stash was discovered when a security guard demanded to know what was in the plastic bag he was carrying into a screening of Cloverfield. The guard says that they routinely search bags for recording equipment, but if they happen to discover a stash of snacks in the process, they enforce the cinema's policy of "no outside food or drinks," and make movie-goers throw out their contraband munchies or leave the theater (they do give patrons who refuse a refund for their ticket price).

Outraged at this, Glennon decided to launch a one-man protest against the high prices concession stands charge to moviegoers. I noticed recently that a chain drugstore near a movie theater I was heading to was adverstising on their outside sign their lower prices for movie candy, and I wondered when I saw that what the theater chain thinks about that.

I realize that movies make a lot of their money back on the exorbitant prices they charge for greasy popcorn and overpriced candy, but it also seems like they could offer their higher-priced snacks to those who want the convenience of having them there, while not being quite so militant about their rules on outside food. Four bucks for a bottle of water or a smallish bag of popcorn is a bit much. The other issue for me is, all the snacks in the movie theater are unhealthy options, loaded with carbs, fat and sugar. I can't get a protein bar or carrot sticks to munch on during a screening, much less a decent coffee.

What do you think? Do you sneak in your own snackage when you go to the cinema? Or do you respect the rights of the movie chains to charge you more for snacks than you'd pay buying them at the drugstore on your way there?

Cinematical's Christopher Campbell chimes in on the topic: The Exhibitionist: Buy Concessions (Please)

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