Here's what's happening in the world of movie news today:

  • UPDATE: Columbia Pictures has announced that The White Stripes' Jack White will team with Alicia Keys on the Quantum of Solace theme song. Said song will be called "Another Way to Die," and it will be the first duet in Bond soundtrack history.
  • UPDATE: Universal lands Tarantino's Inglorious Bastards -- they will partner with The Weinstein Co. on the WWII flick. The writer-director has already met with Brad Pitt about playing a role, and production is scheduled to start this fall. (Variety)
  • UPDATE: MTV has confirmed through IDW Publishing that "The Fallen" in the Transformers 2 title does indeed refer to the main villain in the film.
  • Holy Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince trailer! It debuts online today! Prior to its arrival, USA Today has posted a photo (see above) of the young Tom Riddle (aka young Voldemort). Kid looks a tad creepy ... what do you think? We'll update this post as soon as the trailer arrives online.
  • Tim Burton's making an Alice in Wonderland movie, so now we have to figure out which role Johnny Depp will play. In our minds, there's only one -- and Celeb Edge says Depp has been pegged to star as the Mad Hatter. Let me guess: Depp's performance will come with a side order of freaky and creepy?
  • Jennifer Lopez will star in the romantic comedy The Governess, where she'll play a thief who poses as the nanny of three unruly children in order to rob a bank. The romance comes into play when she begins to fall for the widowed father of the three kids. What to do: Rob a bank for millions ... or get involved with a dude who has three annoying kids? Oh, the tough decisions these characters must face ... (Variety)
  • IGN has thrown up the brand spanking new Friday the 13th poster (see to the right; click to enlarge). You can also read all about that particular Comic Con panel over here. If we're lucky, this will be the one where Jason finally shares his feelings through talking and not physical harm ...
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