The sharp-eyed crew at spotted an interesting listing in Production Weekly -- a listing for X-Men: First Class, which means 20th Century Fox has some kind of young X-Men movie in the works. Whether it is based on Jeff Parker's series of the same name, or if they're just snagging the title for the oft-discussed Young X-Men spin-off remains to be seen. But Fox already has a domain for it, though at this time it only sends you back to the studio's website.

It's certainly odd timing -- the time and place to announce a new X-Men movie just wrapped up in San Diego. But another X-Men spin-off seems inevitable, particularly with the buzz that's beginning to build on X-Men Origins: Wolverine. And I have a feeling that Star Trek's fresh-faces reboot will inspire a number of similar origin stories from all corners of nerdland.

If they do it, I hope they really do base it on Parker's series. I haven't read it (somehow I ended up reading Ultimate X-Men instead, and it's best to just forget all about that), so the more literate among you will have to tell me if it's worth filming or not. But when it comes to the salad days of the X-Men we all know and love, I would rather see an existing storyline adapted. Otherwise, there will probably be all kinds of silly references to the future team -- Cyclops will be splattered by mud from a car driven by Wolverine, or he'll drunkenly hit on a teenage Jean Gray. Assuming that doesn't actually happen in Parker's book ....

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