Really, dude? Really?

Batman fanatics have begun to take things a tad too far over in Three Rivers, Michigan (holds fist in air; shouts, "Damn you Michigan!"). Yes, some jackass named Spencer Taylor decided it would be a good idea to dress up like the Joker and try to steal Dark Knight marketing materials (posters, etc ..) from a movie theater lobby. Problems arose when, well, theater employees spotted him lifting their property. Not for nothing, but idiot is dressed up as the friggin' Joker in the middle of a normal movie theater -- not exactly the greatest disguise.

No word on which theater employees came to the rescue, though we hope it was the guy who cleans the bathrooms -- this way, upon arriving home at the end of his shift, he actually has a story to tell that doesn't begin with ... "So someone took a really big dump tonight ..." Taylor was eventually arrested when police arrived, then subsequently booked for investigation of larceny and malicious destruction of property. Oh that Joker ... always up to no good.

Anyone know Spencer? If so, give him a good slap upside the head for us.
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