'Swing Vote'"'Bodyguard' would make a good sequel ... 'Tin Cup' ... 'Bull Durham' ... 'Open Range' ... 'No Way Out' ... A lot of the movies I've made would lend themselves to continuation."

In Kevin Costner's new movie, 'Swing Vote,' his first non-romantic comedy, he's Bud Johnson, a man with no plan. Until he has to decide a little thing ... what was that again? Oh, right -- who'll become the next President of the United States.

With 'Vote' hitting theaters August 1, we caught up with Costner and talked about which of his movies could have great sequels (no mention of 'Waterworld'), what was his favorite character to play (not the 'Postman') and who'll make the call about whether he and wife Christine will have another baby (guess).

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