Do you ever get the feeling that you are completely out of step with the rest of your demographic? Well, I frequently do, especially since I sat down with fellow members of the female persuasion to watch Sex and the City -- talk about being a stranger in a strange land. So, you can understand why I will probably be avoiding the latest addition to the so-called chick flick cannon like the plague. Variety reports that Donald Petrie (director of such classics as Miss Congeniality, Just My Luck, and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days) has signed to direct the literary adaptation, Fashionistas.

Danny Fischer and Paula Chorley will be writing the script based on Lynn Messina's debut novel. Fashionistas centers on a young go-getter at a fashion house who conspires to take down her demanding boss by inventing a fictitious designer. The whole thing sounds like a little bit of Devil Wears Prada mixed with a dash of All About Eve; and without the genius of Meryl Streep or Bette Davis, I think Fashionistas will probably suffer by comparison.

Fashionistas was originally set up at Paramount, but the studio has since dropped the production and the project will now be produced independently. Since I haven't read Messina's book, I guess it could be considered unfair of me to dismiss its 'literary efforts'. But, as a general rule, any book endorsed by Lindsay Lohan is not the book for me.

Fashionistas is expected to begin production later this year.
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