When Weinberg made clear his sentiment regarding the prospect of sitting through a film titled Beverly Hills Chihuahua in this or any other lifetime -- his words: "[it] looks to be an endless migraine composed of forced cuteness and bad effects" -- he drew the ire of chihuahua owners who said that it looks to be every bit as adorable as their fuzzy-wuzzy-kins and that we all might as well cram our cynicism and good sense (not to mention ethnic heritage) come this fall.

Look, just because you like an animal doesn't mean that you have to enjoy a film centered around them. My family may own six dogs, but you wouldn't see me eagerly lining up for and giving a pass to Kiss My Basset, simply because they constitute exactly one-half of above-mentioned population. The upcoming Hotel for Dogs may look silly, but it's nowhere near as downright stupid as BHC still appears to be as of this latest trailer. (The fact that actress Piper Perabo seems to be recycling what I suspect was her Coyote Ugly audition towards the end certainly doesn't help matters.)

Man, does anyone in Hollywood still think that Babe earned a Best Picture nod on adorable alone? Alas, Disney seems to be banking on that indeed -- that, and a parade of cringe-inducing Mexican and Hispanic stereotypes -- and I have little reason to think that the American moviegoing public won't go and prove them right. The Mayans may have believed that the world would end on December 21, 2012. My vote goes to October 3, 2008.