Back during Comic Con, this poster (click to enlarge) was hanging up at the press conference and we snapped some iffy images of it. Now, however, the good folks over at Warner Bros. have sent us a shiny new version which looks a whole heckuva lot better. In case you didn't read it yet (slacker!), Terminator: Salvation won our Comic Con award for best all-around presentation at the convention. Not only did McG "bring it," but his cast was just as excited. Granted, they're still in the middle of filming -- which means they're currently eating, sleeping and sh*tting Terminator -- but it was nice to see some great footage and a jazzed-up crew. Trust me when I say the two-or-so-minutes of footage was pretty dynamite and I'm now convinced McG will deliver a highly-entertaining flick at the very least.

Terminator: Salvation will arrive in theaters on May 22, 2009.