Monster movie fans may remember Ryan Schifrin from that Abominable flick he made a few years back. (That's not me knocking the film. It's really called Abominable. And it's pretty good, actually.) But while the wheels continue to turn (fairly slowly) on a sequel to that movie, Schifrin has been busy (with collaborator Larry Hama) on a comic book series called Spooks.

Perhaps aptly described as "Hellboy vs. The Monster Squad meets G.I. Joe," Spooks deals with an elite squad of government soldiers who are called in to battle against the underworld's darkest foes. (And by underworld, I don't mean mafia. I mean hell.) The squad's toughness is put to the test when a super-nasty vampire teams up with a mega-powerful witch -- and they promptly unleash monumental mayhem on Washington D.C.

Producer Barry Josephson has taken a liking to the property, and it looks like he's about to head out and talk to a few screenwriters. Sounds like the Spooks flick might be a little ways off, so feel free to spend some of that free time perusing the source material. And check out Shock for a few more of the early details.
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