Did you watch Space Jam and yearn for more? Better yet, did you watch Space Jam and think to yourself: "Darnitall! Marvin the Martian needs his own feature!" If you said yes to either, you might be happy to learn that the cute little Martian is heading back to the big screen -- for a starring role!

Variety reports that Warner Bros. is cooking up a feature film called Marvin the Martian, which will blend live action with CGI. Instead of basketball and Michael Jordan, this flick will focus on the Santa time of year. Developed as a Christmas story, Marvin the Martian comes to Earth not to destroy the world, but to destroy Christmas. Unfortunately, he's "prevented from doing so when he's trapped in a gift box." He should hook up with Damian Claus. That might help his plight.

I don't mind the thought of Marvin getting a feature film, especially since Martians don't get much Christmas play (besides, of course, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians). But if Marvin gets his shot, I think it's high time we got some Danger Mouse, with a healthy serving of Penfold.
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