So this horny virgin decides that he and his best friend are going to go on a multi-state trip by car in order to meet the hypothetical girl of his dreams... You feel like you've seen this movie already, haven't you? Like, at some point in the eighties, probably on pay cable late at night, but surely, you've sat through this before. Right? Well, whether you have or haven't, get ready to see it all over again, because that's the general thrust of Sex Drive -- or at least its trailer, currently being hosted by the likes of Apple.

Now, I've been assured that director Sean Anders' previous film, Never Been Thawed (about frozen food collectors), is fairly funny; if nothing else, it's a creative and original idea. But I don't see where this one doesn't cross the line from being an '80s sex-romp homage/throwback to just a tepid raunchy-road-trip farce. That could very well be the case, but everything in those two minutes appears to be either contrived (they met online, so he's willing to drive from Chicago to Knoxville for something I'm certain is available elsewhere in Chicago) or wacky, which is so commonly mistaken for funny (our hero's wearing a Mexican donut costume for work! Craaaazzzzzzyyyy!!!).

I've also got to throw in there that James Marsden built up some genuine goodwill with last year's Hairspray and Enchanted. I'll take it on faith that he had already filmed this before those, that he magically knows better now, and that this is merely opening out of ill-fated hopes that someone might mistake this for the next Superbad when it hits screens on October 10 (although having Michael Cera's comedic cohort can't hurt that cause).