Has the time come for more Up in Smoke?

Jam!/AP reports that the feud is finally over between Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong, and to celebrate they're launching their first comedy tour in over 25 years. Cheech says: "It takes about three minutes for that [fights] to happen. There's this veiled hatred. We've kind of resolved that. We've gotten to the age where we don't feel like fighting anymore because the end is a lot closer than the beginning." I'll say. How often do we get stoner comedies where the stars are in their 60s and 70s? (Chong turned 70 in May, while Marin is 62.)

Now "kind of resolved" isn't the best indication of a solid partnership where the pair can tour happily without diving for each other's throats. However, should they be able to pull it off, I wouldn't be surprised if we got more Cheech and Chong pot-smoking action in the future. Pineapple Express can just pave the way for their return.

Would you want to see them Up in Smoke again?
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