It's now the United Kingdom's turn to get a dose of Watchmen goodness. Empire has just premiered two different covers with new shots of our costumed adventurers. They also have three exclusive new character stills: Rorschach, the Comedian, and Nite Owl. Click on the image above (or right here) to be taken directly to the new photos, and come back to chat with me. They're definitely worth a look. The Rorschach image is close enough that you can see the fuzz on the mask. If only it was animated so you could see the ink blots shift. (I wonder if his mask will be the subject of the next video journal? I hope so.)

If there was a contest as to who is getting the best photographs, the Comedian is winning by a mile. Although thanks to the good looks of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, I'm becoming disturbingly attracted to the character. That's not supposed to happen! Or is it? Oh, Watchmen, you're just full of ambiguity.

If I have one criticism of all the peeks thus far, it's that I'm really bored with seeing Nite Owl posing in front of the Owlship. I really want you guys to see the brow-beaten Dan Dreiberg that we saw in San Diego. My copy of the book was finally returned to me, and as I flipped through it, I was impressed all over again with how much Patrick Wilson resembled the panels. I hope some of these quiet moments leak onto the web, soon, and win over a few more fans.

Watchmen comes to theaters March 6, 2009.

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