It's been almost a week since The X-Files: I Want to Believe hit the big screen with a dulled thump, making only $10 million in its first weekend. The film has managed to get a couple million more since, but it's going to take a lot more for it to hit its $30 million production budget, let alone surpass it. Still, in a talk with IGN, Chris Carter is itching for more.

Carter said: "We had really good fun doing this movie - we have high hopes for it and we just want people to like it. If people do want to come and see it we'll certainly be talking about another movie." He then went on to discuss aliens, and how if more movies get made, that's something he would "definitely want to get back to."

Honestly, that doesn't sound too intriguing to me on its own, but I definitely could be swayed by this: "There's a date in the X-Files mythology -- 2012 -- that is very important. We'd certainly love to do something with that!" That's 12/22/2012 -- alien invasion day. So, while I'm not sure a run-of-the-mill X-Files would be a great idea, answering a long-pondered curiosity might. It'd be easy enough to increase interest -- show references to the date, get television stations to re-air eps and show them online.

But what do you think? Would 12/22/12 bring you back to the theater?
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