How fast time flies! A week ago today, we were all hitting the convention floor, and having to battle for seats to the Masters of Web panel. I can't believe it's all over -- and I can't believe I haven't recovered. The bright-eyed Lara Croft you saw only days ago is barely recognizable in the physical wreck that I am now. Despite the toll it takes every year, I'm always sorry when it ends. I miss San Diego, the ocean, the fabulous tacos at the Tin Fish, and the surprises around every corner. But most of all, I miss meeting up with my friends after a long day of panels, enjoying my well-earned dinner, and showing off my swag. While I'm happy to be home in my own bed, and snuggling with my pug, I can't help but miss the thrills of con. So, it's my turn to recap my favorite moments of the con, and hope that those of you who were there have recovered enough to share yours, too.

-- The Watchmen panel. Maybe the Q&A wasn't all that great (no fault of those onstage), but the footage was just so cool. There is a lot of film footage trotted out at SDCC, and while much of it is cool, very little is jaw-dropping. 300 was probably the last time I was truly impressed with what I saw in Hall H, Watchmen may have topped it. (It's even convinced my mom to read the graphic novel! Let's all cheer!)

-- The Owl Ship. The floor displays this year were pretty tame, but this would take the cake in any given year. Whenever I doubt that anyone at SDCC has read a comic book, something like the Owl Ship lands and sends everyone into a nerdy tizzy. At any given time, you could find a crowd exclaiming over it, not because it was from a movie, but because it was from a comic book. Amazing.