It can be a challenge just to work with people you clash heads with, but imagine going back to work after a big lawsuit? Back in April of 2007, John Goodman started off the Pope Joan plague by backing out of the project and getting sued. Then there were those director kerfuffles, and then star Franka Potente had to back out because the film was taking too damned long to come together. But now at least one drama is righting itself.

Variety reports that the case between Goodman and Constantin films has been settled, and he is once again starring in the film as Pope Sergius. But that's not all. David Wenham has also signed on to the film and will play Gerold, "a kind knight who becomes Joan's greatest love" as she disguises herself as a man and takes the papal throne. Too bad he's not playing a creepy guy again. He was excellent as Eden Fletcher in The Proposition.

With the cast now in place, the film is finally schedule to begin production next month in Germany and Morocco.
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